China Natural Rubber Latex Condom manufacturer
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Natural Rubber Latex Condom & Male Latex Condom

About Us
Henan Xibei Latex Co., Ltd. is regular condom supplier of China Family Planning and professional in global tender. Our company is a specialized company integrating research, development and production in the field of ...
Factory Tour
All production processes are monitored permanently and data are regularly collected and evaluated. A certain number of condoms from each batch are selected to undergo further tests. Condoms from each batch are "archived"...
Quality Control
QC 1) Pin Hole Test: 100% individually electronically tested 2) Tensile Test 3) Airburst Test 4) Water Leakage Test 5) Package Integrity Test 6) Aging Test
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Address : Xinxiang City ,Henan Province ,China
Business Phone :
86-373-7749300(Working time)
Fax : 86-0373-7749266